Bad Blood- Nasty Salt 30ml - image 1
Bad Blood- Nasty Salt 30ml - image 1
Bad Blood- Nasty Salt 30ml - image 1
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Bad Blood- Nasty Salt 30ml

Ksh 2,000
35 MG
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Product description

Introducing Bad Blood - Nasty Salt, the perfect nicotine salts liquid vape for an extraordinary vaping experience. At Vapesoko Nairobi, your trusted vape shop in Kenya, we offer affordable prices and fast delivery services.

Indulge in the exotic flavor of black currants infused with nicotine salts in this 30ml bottle. Bad Blood delivers a heavenly taste that will captivate your senses and leave you craving for more. Please note that this product contains very high nicotine content and is not intended for Sub-Ohm use.

Features of Bad Blood - Nasty Salt:

  • 30ml Unicorn Bottle for easy and convenient usage.
  • Child Resistant Cap to ensure safety.
  • Balanced 50% PG and 50% VG ratio for optimal vapor production and smooth throat hits.
  • Nicotine Salts Formulation for a satisfying nicotine experience.
  • Specifically designed for Ultra-Low Wattage and Pod Based Systems.
  • Made in Malaysia, ensuring quality and authenticity.
  • Available in nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg to suit your preferences.

At Vapesoko Nairobi, we prioritize your vaping satisfaction. Order your bottle of Bad Blood - Nasty Salt today and discover the irresistible combination of nicotine salts and exotic black currants. Explore our wide range of vape products and enjoy the convenience of our fast delivery services. Shop with confidence at Vapesoko Nairobi, your go-to vape shop in Nairobi.

Product Name Bad Blood- Nasty Salt 30ml
Options 35 MG
PriceKsh 2,000
AvailabilityOut of Stock
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