Vape Accessories in Kenya: Coils, Pods, Tanks & Batteries

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0.15 Ω 0.2 Ω 0.3 Ω 0.6 Ω 1.2 Ω
VooPoo PNP Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
VooPoo PNP Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.15 Ω
VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,000
0.8 Ω 0.9 Ω 1.2 Ω
SMOK LP1 Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
SMOK LP1 Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.4 Ω
SMOK RPM Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
SMOK RPM Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.16 Ω
SMOK RPM 2 Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
SMOK RPM 2 Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.15 Ω 0.23 Ω
SMOK RPM 3 Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
SMOK RPM 3 Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.2 Ω 0.4 Ω
Vaporesso GTi  Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
Vaporesso GTi Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.15 Ω 0.2 Ω 0.4 Ω
Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.8 Ω 1.0 Ω 1.2 Ω
 Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Coils - VapeSoko
Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Coils
Ksh 2,500
0.6 Ω 1.4 Ω
SMOK Nord Replacement Coils (5-Pack) - VapeSoko
SMOK Nord Replacement Coils (5-Pack)
Ksh 2,500
0.9 Ω
Uwell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods - VapeSoko
Uwell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods
Ksh 2,500
1.0 Ω 1.4 Ω
Smok Novo 2 Replacement Pods - VapeSoko
Smok Novo 2 Replacement Pods
Ksh 2,300
0.8 Ω
 Uwell Caliburn A3 Refillable Pod - VapeSoko
Uwell Caliburn A3 Refillable Pod
Ksh 2,500
2500 mAh
Vapcell K25 18650 2500mAh Li-ion Battery - VapeSoko
Vapcell K25 18650 2500mAh Li-ion Battery
Ksh 1,500
3000 mAh
Sinowatt 30SP  18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery - VapeSoko
Sinowatt 30SP 18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery
Ksh 1,500

Best Vaping Accessories in Kenya

Vaping has gained popularity at an alarming rate in Kenya as it becomes the ideal replacement of the traditional smoking by availing individuals with a chance of a healthier alternative and resulting in many people in the quest of quitting smoking. Vaping is more than just buying either a vape pen or an e-cigarette; it encompasses the migration into the world of vape accessories that greatly enhance your vaping pleasure. From basic vape batteries to complex replacement coils, these accessories serve an eliminated function in enhancing not only for a device to function but also a flavor and ultimate satisfaction of your vaping session. Vapesoko Nairobi features a handpicked range of perfect vape accessories online, which act in tandem to enrich your vape experience.

Vapesoko Nairobi has chosen excellent quality and high-end vape accessories online to give novice vaping enthusiasts the best way to augment their vape experience.

Vape Batteries: The Power Punch

The heart of a vaping device lies in its battery. Ensuring that your device runs smoothly without disruptions relies entirely on having a good vape battery. Our collection includes a variety of rechargeable vape batteries designed to guarantee freshness, from the smaller compact models for easier usage, to the bigger capacity models for those longer spells of vaping. To compliment these, we have in store for you a range of vape chargers like the versatile USB chargers, wall adapters, and car chargers to make sure your device is juiced up as desired. Given their wide compatibility they come with, but not limited to any genre, USB chargers especially have been the most favored in everyone's kit.

Vape Coils: Unlocking Flavor and Clouds

Unleash your Vape's potential with our best selection of quality vape replacement coils, inclusive of selections from respected brands such as Smok coils Kenya. These heating elements convert the e-liquid to vapor through heating at high temperatures for your uttermost satisfaction. What makes it special is each type of coil is well balanced in flavor intensity and cloud thickness for a fully customized vape experience, single/dual or even advanced mesh coil available.

Replacement Vape Pods in Kenya

Discover how easy and convenient replacement vape pods are. These all in one devices which are perfect for any vaper wanting a fuss-free time offer either refillable or replaceable pods that are straight to use. There is ease in trying out different flavors just by switching pods because it provides the convenience that comes with it as opposed to other intricate setups. We stock various replacement pods suitable for your vape devices at Vapesoko Nairobi so you can find your match.

Vape Tanks: Customization at Your Fingertips

For those who value customization, vape replacement tanks provide the perfect solution. These tanks offer the freedom to manually select and install coils according to your vaping preferences, complete with adjustable airflow for fine-tuning your experience. Whether you are out to chase the clouds or just a subtle vape, our replacement tanks Kenya collection features some of the best you can find in the replacement tanks market today.

The perfect vape accessories will definitely provide that personal touch that is key in enriching your vaping experience. Whether you are a beginner in vaping or an experienced connoisseur, with premium vape accessories from Vapesoko Nairobi, you elevate your experience a notch higher allowing you to achieve your desired results. They are meant to amplify your individual vaping style, and in their variety of designs are accessories tailor-made to satisfy your needs including vape coils Kenya. Contact Vapesoko today for the best vape accessories in Kenya and enjoy our free and fast delivery services within Nairobi.