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MAX 100W
Vaporesso Target 100 Vape Kit - VapeSoko
Vaporesso Target 100 Vape Kit
Ksh 9,000

Vape Mods in Kenya

Step into the world of elite vape mods at Vapesoko Nairobi, where elite electronic cigarette technology meets cutting edge. Catering to seasoned aficionados and newcomers to the vaping scene alike, our collection boasts an impressive wide variety of devices from top tier brands such as SMOK, VooPoo, and Vaporesso. So discover great vape mods that cater specifically to your vaping style and likings.

Unleash the advanced vaping technology in your hands

Vapesoko Nairobi leads the pack in vaping with its vape mods that outshine the conventional e-cigarettes in innovation as much as they do in functionality. The gadgets have significantly enhanced wattage and excellent firing powers due to their utilization of batteries viewed to be more advanced. The vapes not only provide increased vape results but also ensure impressive control in the hands of the user when it comes to customization of individual vaping experience. Customize your vape setting and tailor-make your vaping experience to today's vaper's demands.

A Sub-Ohm Thrill

Get ready to step into the world of sub-ohm vaping, as the name suggests it is not for the faint-hearted. We have a full line of sub-ohm products to meet all your needs, complete with tanks, coils, mods, and starter kits. Feel the richness of high-VG e-liquids while creating high volumes of vapor like never before with our collection of sub-ohm devices.

Nicotine Versatility

Our high caliber, VG-heavy e-liquid brings alive the magic of nicotine-free vaping, so you can really taste those amazing flavors. For all you guys looking to get nicotine involved too, as opposed to making time for a quick round of golf or some hot yoga in and around it, just add a Nicotine Shot to get you up to your desired strength and satisfy that craving for an awesome taste sensation.

High Wattage Vape Kits

Browse our range of high wattage kits that include the trailblazing VooPoo Argus GT II Kit with an immeasurable output of 200W. The Smok RPM 100 Kit is perfect for those who crave nothing but sheer power. Stay connected for our latest vape deals and promotions for the best in vape investment.

In Vapesoko Nairobi, we are dedicated to giving you a vaping experience like none before, all by use of nothing but the choicest vape mods available on the market. Whether you are looking for the best vape mods in Kenya, a vape mod in Kenya, competitive vape mod price or rechargeable options that give value and performance. These will exceed your expectation. Get started today on better vaping experience at Vapesoko Nairobi where quality meets innovation.