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VooPoo PNP Replacement Coils

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0.15 Ω
0.2 Ω
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Product description

Welcome to Vapesoko Nairobi, your ultimate destination for all your vaping needs. Discover the incredible versatility and performance of the VooPoo PnP Coils, designed to enhance your vaping experience with a range of VooPoo vaping devices and components on the PnP platform.

VOOPOO PnP Coil Series

  • 0.3ohm PnP-VM1 Mesh Coil for DTL (32 - 40W)
  • 0.45ohm PnP-VM3 Mesh Coil for Half DTL (25 - 35W)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-VM4 Mesh Coil for Half DTL (20 - 28W)
  • 0.2ohm PnP-VM5 Mesh Coil for DTL (40 - 60W)
  • 0.15ohm PnP-VM6 Mesh Coil for DTL (60 - 80W)
  • 0.15ohm PnP-TW15 Mesh Coil for DTL (55 - 70W)
  • 0.2ohm PnP-TW20 Mesh Coil for DTL (40 - 55W)
  • 0.3ohm PnP-TW30 Mesh Coil for RDL (28 - 36W)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-DW60 Mesh Coil for MTL (5 - 23W)
  • 0.8ohm PnP-DW80 Mesh Coil for MTL (12 - 16W)
  • 0.45ohm PnP-M1 Single Coil for DTL (28 -35W)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-M2 Mesh Coil for DTL (20 - 28W)
  • 0.8ohm PnP-R1 Dual Coil for MTL (12 - 18W)
  • 1.0ohm PnP-R2 Regular Coil for MTL (10 - 15W)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-TM1 Mesh Coil for Half DTL (20 - 25W)
  • 0.8ohm PnP TM2 Mesh Coil for Half DTL (12 - 18W)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-TR1 Mesh Coil for MTL (10 - 15W)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-C1 Ceramic Coil for MTL (10 - 15W)

With the VooPoo PnP Coils, you have the freedom to choose the perfect coil for your vaping preferences. Whether you enjoy intense direct-to-lung (DTL) or restricted direct-to-lung (RDTL) inhales, there's a coil for every preference. Available in mesh, dual core, regular, and ceramic options, these coils offer diverse vaping experiences based on resistance and vaping style. For experienced vapers seeking ultimate control, there's even a rebuildable atomizer (RBA) option.

Choosing the right coil is essential for optimal performance, and we're here to guide you. The wattage range of your VooPoo e-cigarette will determine which coils are compatible. Coils that receive insufficient power may not work or deliver their full potential in lower-wattage devices. For instance, the Argus GT Kit can handle up to 160W, making it compatible with all PnP coils. On the other hand, the V Suit Pod Kit has a maximum wattage of 40W, so it's important to select PnP coils that require 40W or less.

The VooPoo PnP Coils boast impressive specifications and options, catering to a wide range of vaping styles and preferences. From the 0.15 ohm PnP-TW15 Mesh Coils to the 1.2 ohm PnP-C1 Ceramic Coils, each coil delivers a unique vaping experience with specific wattage ranges and nicotine strengths.

These coils are designed for high VG e-liquids, ensuring rich flavor and satisfying vapor production. The mesh builds of the coils enhance flavor and vapor production by heating more e-liquid with every puff. We recommend pairing these coils with e-liquids that have a VG ratio of 60% or higher.

The VooPoo PnP Coils are cross-compatible with a wide range of VooPoo vape kits and tanks, including the Argus GT, Doric 60, Drag series, Seal Kit, Musket Kit, Vinci series, Navi, and more. You can enjoy the versatility of these coils across various devices, expanding your vaping possibilities.

Upgrade your vaping experience with the VooPoo PnP Coils, available exclusively at Vapesoko Nairobi. Explore different resistances, coil types, and vaping styles to find the perfect match for your preferences. Elevate your vaping journey with exceptional performance and unrivaled flavor.

Product Name VooPoo PNP Replacement Coils
Options 0.15 Ω - 0.2 Ω
PriceKsh 2,500
AvailabilityIn Stock
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