Sinowatt 30SP  18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery - image 1
Sinowatt 30SP  18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery - image 1
Sinowatt 30SP  18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery - image 1
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Sinowatt 30SP 18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery

Ksh 1,500
3000 mAh
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Product description

Discover the Sinowatt 30SP, an 18650 battery designed to revolutionize your vaping experience. Boasting a 3000mAh capacity and a 15A continuous discharge, this lithium-ion powerhouse provides the longevity and performance needed for extended vaping sessions. Compatible with a wide range of vape kits and mods, the Sinowatt 30SP ensures you're never left wanting more. Its 3.7V of power delivers smooth, consistent performance, making every inhale as satisfying as the first.

Designed for Durability and Safety

The Sinowatt 30SP is not just about power; it's also engineered for your safety and convenience. Featuring a flat top positive terminal and a non-protected bottom, it fits seamlessly into your device, ensuring easy installation and reliable connectivity. Our comprehensive battery safety guide accompanies your purchase, offering essential tips to maintain your battery's health and extend its life. With a discharge temperature range of -10°C to 60°C, the Sinowatt 30SP is built to perform under various conditions, providing a reliable power source wherever you go.

A Perfect Match for Your Vaping Needs

Compatibility is key when it comes to enhancing your vaping experience. The Sinowatt 30SP's versatile design makes it a perfect match for a broad array of vape kits and mods. Check your device's compatibility to unlock a new level of vaping efficiency and enjoyment. With the Sinowatt 30SP, you're not just purchasing a battery; you're upgrading to a superior vaping journey, marked by unparalleled power, longevity, and reliability.

Product Name Sinowatt 30SP 18650 3000mAh Li-ion Battery
Options 3000 mAh
PriceKsh 1,500
AvailabilityIn Stock
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